Un día en el gimnasio

A day at the gym

I went to the bedroom, I took off my tights and boxers, taking the thong from the sides I pulled it up until I felt how the strap was introduced between my buttocks, how the fabric in front gradually covered my most intimate parts, I looked at myself. I looked at the mirror for a few seconds and the truth is that it looked really good on me, I picked up the tights again and put them on, now it was something else, I was protected from any transparency and on top of that nothing could be seen or so I thought

For wearing women's underwear

The atmosphere was very romantic, couples at each table and I alone, that day, I had put on my black string thong and I didn't realize that because I was with my elbows on the table and leaning forward, I could see the mini spring of the thong, I realized because the waiter who was serving me was very nice and attentive and one of the times that I took a drink of whiskey, I put it behind my shoulder and said, what a beautiful thong you are wearing my love... wow. I got nervous and red with embarrassment, when he saw me he told me don't worry sweetie, this remains between us, I could only answer him with a smile, thank you.

I only want you with panties

Later we were alone in his room. So she pulls out a bunch of her thongs for me and asks me: “Which one do you like best?”, to which I tell her to choose for me. He tells me “beige will look great on you, try it on.” I go to the bathroom and change. Of course, I must confess that my dick was very erect. I was excited to dress as a woman, it was my fantasy, but even more that a girl was my accomplice.

the lingerie store

I continued with the strange sensation, the exposed nipples and the strange thong until I turned around and looked at myself in the mirror, that feeling was that this outfit was for something more than trying it, it was to enjoy it, my pussy was exposed, I started to reposition it, I pulled on one side and the lips came out on the other, I pulled to the other side and the same, until I realized that it had an opening to let the lips out, facing the mirror, black silk set, the Pointy nipples sticking out of the bra and her pussy exposed.
En la tienda de lencería

In the lingerie store

That afternoon we went together to buy very sexy underwear as my spoiled teacher promised me. We went to Perisur after leaving the University, hiding as always, but once we gained confidence, we already forgot that we were a sexy teacher-hot student. It was a cute, flirtatious and quite expensive store, they had the best and also this little ass deserved it all and I'm sure, with how pretty I looked, I was dreaming.
Tangas para chicos

boys thongs

I was looking at the shelf with the clothes that had caught my attention, the truth is that I was quite lost. I knew that those thongs and jockstraps existed in an intellectual way, having seen them in more or less pornographic movies, television or magazines. But until that moment I had not really realized it. And there they were before me in a great variety of colors and shapes. Tucked into bags with a cardboard on it was a photo of a muscular hunk wearing a garment like the one inside the container.
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Mi primera vez en tanga

My first time in a thong

With certain frequency I met with a friend to exercise in the gym of his house, casually, everything very normal. But on this specific day I decided to do something different. I decided to put on one of the thongs I had bought under my shorts, not so that someone would see it, because I had no plans to take my shorts off in public, but with the morbid risk that someone might notice. It was the first time she had gone out wearing a thong and only shorts.
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