Well I must start by saying that I had never had a gay experience, nor did I consider that I had any interest in men, but I had always had a taste for feminine clothes, mainly wearing them. At home I used to wear my sister's thongs in privacy and I liked it a lot. I loved seeing my tail exposed and feeling that only a few threads covered me. He did it constantly without anyone knowing and I loved it. After a while I started buying women's underwear for myself, including stockings and garter belts. Putting them on was very exciting. However, I felt that wearing them just for me was not enough, that someone else should see me in women's underwear, in a thong, that they should see my tail how good it looked and the thought of another man seeing me was exciting. So one day I decided to be a little risky... and it came out a little expensive.

With certain frequency I met with a friend to exercise in the gym of his house, casually, everything very normal. But on this specific day I decided to do something different. I decided to put on one of the thongs I had bought under my shorts, not so that someone would see it, because I had no plans to take my shorts off in public, but with the morbid risk that someone might notice. It was the first time she had gone out wearing a thong and only shorts. So I left my house and I walked, my friend's house was not far away. That journey seemed eternal to me and I felt that everyone was looking at me, although it was surely just my nerves. I felt quite exposed having only my shorts covering the thong I was wearing. But anyway, I got to his house, I met him and we went to the gym. The truth is that I did not concentrate much on the exercise, I was careful that my thong would not be noticed with some abrupt movement, it was very exciting and uncomfortable at the same time, it was not easy to exercise like this, I felt that the shorts were getting between me the buttocks every so often and that it was going to be very noticeable, but I did it. We finished the routine, we went to his house for a drink after the exercise, I thought that I had already overcome the most difficult thing. But what happened next I did not expect.

We went up to the apartment, there was no one from his family at home, we talked for a while, we went to the kitchen and he takes a pitcher of lemonade out of the fridge, he asks me to please get him some glasses from the upper pantry, and I did. Without realizing it, I reached for the glasses and accidentally this movement caused my shirt to ride up a bit and expose a string of the thong that I was wearing and that had come out over the top of my shorts. I hadn't realized it, but when I turned and looked at him, I knew my mistake. He looked surprised, he was looking at my shorts and so he inadvertently asked me "are you wearing a thong?" I didn't know how to answer him, I was panicked and very nervous. Without me answering anything, he told me "I just saw a pink strip on top of your shorts, are you wearing a thong?" She lifted my shirt up a bit and of course, I also saw her there. A pink bandage had come off. I took her hand off her shirt to cover myself and without further ado, I told her "yeah, so what, she was wearing one." He laughs and we remain silent for a while, then he comes and tells me, "let me see", I was very nervous and didn't know what to do, I didn't do anything, he said to me again "if you already put it on let me see". And well, in that situation, I didn't see anything else to do, I turned around and pulled down my shorts, I showed him my entire ass in a thong. I was from behind, so I didn't see his reaction, but after a while he started touching my buttocks and that already started to turn me on. I couldn't believe what was happening, suddenly I looked down and I see that he had a giant bulge in his shorts. I had her very standing, and then I didn't hesitate anymore and I let myself go, I bent down and lowered her shorts and when I saw that cock already out and so big, I put it in my mouth and started sucking it. Without having foreseen it, I found myself in my friend's kitchen, kneeling, no longer shorts, only in a thong and sucking his cock. I couldn't believe what my day had become, it was my first time trying a dick and I was in a thong with someone else. The fact was that I was really enjoying feeling his cock in my mouth, I didn't take it out and he moaned with pleasure, it turned me on a lot, I continued like this, I was enjoying it and although it was my first time I felt that I was doing it well, he I moaned until after a while I feel a jet of hot milk in my mouth. He had come into my mouth, I didn't believe it, that day I put on an innocent thong and I had ended up sucking a dick and with a bit of semen in my mouth, which I passed... from then on I knew that taste liked.

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