Principales ventajas de usar suspensorios

Principales ventajas de usar suspensorios

Entonces, ¿qué es un suspensorio? Si eres parte de los no iniciados y necesitas saber qué es un suspensorio, no te preocupes, te lo explicamos.
Por qué deberías empezar a usar tanga si eres chico

Why you should start wearing a thong if you are a boy

You will wonder if the back strap will be uncomfortable or degrading. My answer is that you get used to everything. It is possible that a female thong will squeeze you and make you uncomfortable, so from here I encourage you to try a male one. The difference is enormous, so much so that once you go out in your jeans you will see that freedom is the same as with boxers. And even bigger when summer approaches. And you can't see the ventilation...
¿Por qué usar Suspensorios?

Why use Suspenders?

Jockstraps for men: They are here and they are becoming stronger in men's fashion. Fan or not to wear small underwear like a jockstrap or a thong, the truth is that many men prefer to wear briefs or boxers. And while these styles can be very sexy, it doesn't hurt to try other, sexier options. In fact, wearing styles like jockstraps might tell you it's only for very self-assured men!

The uncover triumphs on the beaches

Show as much skin possible is the summer 'trend', so much so that nudism ranks third in this ranking of male 'swimsuits', up to 15.5% of the participants place it at the top of their list of preferences. Bermuda shorts, either in their short (13.9%) or long (10.3%) version, are relegated to fourth and fifth place. Thong-type designs will also manage to gain a timid place in the ranking of summer swimwear proposals, although only 8.4% of women consider it sexy . The mankini and its most revealing version, the one baptized as penekini closes the list with 2.6% of the votes.
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Ropa interior para hacer deporte: ¿cuál elijo?

Underwear for sports: which one do I choose?

No resulta fácil establecer cuál es la mejor ropa interior para hacer deporte. Obviamente dependerá de la práctica deportiva que se lleve a cabo pero también de la fisonomía del deportista y, claro está, de sus gustos, fobias y manías.
¿Deberían los hombres usar tangas? ¿Son cómodos? (Todo lo que necesitas saber)

Should men wear thongs? They are comfortable? (All you need to know)

Top 5 Reasons Why Men Should Wear Thongs
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