Since time immemorial, men have always aspired to freedom in all its forms. And, even before, they seem to have had a fixation and obsession regarding their lower parts. Let's face it.

This fixation has been translated over the years into successive inventions to enhance said parts. First it was the loincloth and who knows what else, but with time and evolution we went on to what many consider the best creation of humanity after leggings... boxers.

Created in 1925 by the founder of Everlast, Jacob Golomb, at first they were used solely and exclusively as boxer pants (hence their name). However, they soon became popular far from the ring and today it is the underwear most used by ordinary men.

Apparently, the boxer has its advantages and disadvantages. For starters, it has a fly that those who are particularly lazy should greatly appreciate. Also, the feeling of freedom and well-being when you go down the street with them should only rival full-length nudity, or so I've been told. But to be honest, don't they sometimes also give a feeling of vulnerability?

For those who have decided to abolish the use of boxers and believe that wearing briefs without a body like CR7's is a joke, I have devised a solution that has always been there but by H or by B (and even by C) you had never considered carrying out. We are talking about neither more nor less than the male thong.

Before the whining and clichés start, I have to say that I know guys who have tried it and since then they always have one in their closet for big occasions. I explain.

The thong gives that firmness and protection that you have always wanted. It is small, cheap and manageable. It hardly takes up space and is very subtle. And, so that we are going to fool ourselves, enhance the ass that you do not see. And don't come to me with absurd clichés, because any man can show off his ass without his virility being vilified.

But of course, you will wonder if the strap on the back will be uncomfortable or degrading. My answer is that you get used to everything. It is possible that a female thong will squeeze you and make you uncomfortable, so from here I encourage you to try a male one. The difference is enormous, so much so that once you go out in your jeans you will see that freedom is the same as with boxers. And even bigger when summer approaches. And you can't see the ventilation...

Having said all this, I don't know what you are waiting for to go to the nearest store and buy some. There are very cool models, of all tastes and colors, and it will allow you to be more comfortable, stylish and enhanced. Do you dare to try it?

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January 18, 2023 — 365Briefs 365Briefs

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