Men's jockstraps: they are here and they are becoming stronger in men's fashion. Fan or not to wear small underwear like a jockstrap or a thong, the truth is that many men prefer to wear briefs or boxers. And while these styles can be very sexy, it doesn't hurt to try other, sexier options. In fact, wearing styles like jockstraps might tell you it's only for very self-assured men!

Although many have taboos about wearing jockstraps, many men have wondered what it feels like to wear a jockstrap. This guide is for those high style men who are adventurous with their dress. In this jockstrap buying guide we will discuss:

Why should every man have a jockstrap in his closet? Why use jockstraps to practice sports? Why wear a jockstrap to be fashionable?

Here are the reasons why you should consider wearing jockstraps:

  • They have been and still are an absolute addition to every man's wardrobe.

  • This bold and different underwear gives you plenty of support and mobility while you work hard to build a sexy, masculine body.

  • Jockstraps are no longer just a piece for the gym or for playing baseball or football. Many men are wearing them on a daily basis because wearing jockstraps doesn't just make you look athletic; It gives you a lot of comfort.

  • And most importantly, jockstraps are the sexiest piece a man can wear. Seriously, VERY SEXY!

Whether it's to go to the gym, to wear on a daily basis, or to impress your partner, you need to invest in a good pair of jockstraps right now!

If you've never worn a jockstrap, this article will help you decide whether to wear jockstraps for sports or just for the sake of being risky and on-trend.

Wearing jockstraps for the gym or sports

Male Jockstraps

Jockstraps for men were originally designed to be worn by men in sports. When you go to the gym, or play a sport, you want to focus exclusively on that activity. You don't want to worry about what happens in your less visible regions. So when you go to choose the ideal jockstrap, keep these recommendations in mind:

Comfort and protection in sport:

We recommend wearing jockstraps for most sports, but especially those that require running or jumping, like basketball or your favorite classes at the gym. If you play sports that require a lot of movement, nothing will make you feel more comfortable than wearing a jockstrap. Not to mention the looks you'll earn if you decide to wear one at the gym.

Find the right jockstrap last:

While selecting a jockstrap, you should consider not only the waist size, but also how comfortable the cup is. Ensures that the waist is not too loose. It should be tight enough to keep your genitals close to your body. But not so tight because the rubbing of the fabric against your skin can cause irritation and that is something you definitely do not want to experience!

The cup is a piece molded into the front of the jockstrap. Some jockstraps come with an additional rigid cup for use in sports like football. Some men don't find this very comfortable, but if you play contact sports or sports with high speed balls like hockey, you should definitely wear a rigid cup. Try to use it and you may like it more than you imagine.

Cup selection:

The most important thing in the selection of the cup is comfort and protection. Always use cups with soft edges that give you more support when you move during physical activity. If you practice sports in which there is a high possibility of impact, using a rigid cup on the front is your best option.

The most important thing when wearing jockstraps is that the cup protects you, but is comfortable enough that you forget you're wearing a jockstrap and focus on your sport.

Jockstraps as a fashion item

Today, wearing a jockstrap is no longer just a matter of protecting your man parts during sports. It's also about making them look good! This is the reason why many men have started wearing sexy jockstraps to not only feel good, but also to impress their partners. Or why not? Add a bit of spice to the relationship.
The new trends in jockstraps suggest wearing them daily: it is an intermediate point between not wearing underwear and having the support of it.

Make sure your jockstrap or jockstrap is comfortable. When it comes to wearing a fashion jockstrap, you don't need to worry about keeping your genitals in a certain position relative to your body - as in the case of sports wear. That's why you can focus more on comfort and look. The sizing of the jockstraps is given with respect to the waist. So if you have large genitals it is advisable to take a larger size.

Decide on a style:

Now this is the best part of shopping for jockstraps! Fashion jockstraps don't come in the boring, typical wide-band waisted style, with straps and a bare cup. In jockstraps you can choose a jockstrap with thick or multiple straps, even some very colorful ones! There are also jockstraps to enhance your buttocks! There are even decorations on the elastic band

Choose the material:

As with underwear, fashion jockstraps also come in a wide range of materials and fabrics. There is a jockstrap from basic cotton to tights. For men who like to be fashionable, but comfortable: our recommendation is the nylon cup jockstrap! If you're a little more adventurous, you can try wearing sheer mesh jockstraps.

Cup shape:

There are many options when it comes to choosing a jockstrap, be it for everyday use or sports. You can choose a cup in any color, even multi-colored, and even leather cups for the most sexual!

For gay men, a jockstrap will definitely make sure your lover can't take their eyes (and more) off you! Make sure, however, that the fabric of your jockstrap is soft and you feel comfortable in it. Otherwise, looking sexy won't make up for the discomfort.

For the gym, jockstraps are the best. They give you freedom of movement without losing the support of briefs or slips. So hopefully this shopping guide helps you find more athletic, comfortable and sexier jockstraps! And of course: more aligned with your needs and personality.

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