Almost 10 years ago Borat, the most famous character of the actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, tried to make the mankini a trend. However, this kind of male swimsuit, far from conquering the general public and beginning to fill the beaches, only managed to become one of the main symbols of Cohen's parody. The last sighting of a makini took place last May in New York, at the gates of the Metropolitan Museum on the night of its grand gala. A garment that this summer enters the list of swimwear designs preferred by women, as revealed by a survey conducted by

Although the mankini does not manage to dethrone the classics, a modest 5.3% of the 1,752 surveyed indicated it as one of the sexiest garments that can be found on the beach. While the brief is crowned as the swimwear design preferred by the female public (25.8%) -, followed by boxers (18.2%).

The penekini is the best way to avoid unsightly marks...

The penekini is the best way to avoid unsightly marks

Show as much skin possible is the summer 'trend', so much so that nudism ranks third in this ranking of male 'swimsuits', up to 15.5% of the participants place it at the top of their list of preferences. Bermuda shorts, either in their short (13.9%) or long (10.3%) version, are relegated to fourth and fifth place. Thong-type designs will also manage to gain a timid place in the ranking of summer swimwear proposals, although only 8.4% of women consider it sexy . The mankini and its most revealing version, the one baptized as penekini closes the list with 2.6% of the votes.

As for the male preferences Triquini triumphs. This garment popularized at the end of the 70s became the favorite for 16.1% of the 1,936 men surveyed. Closely followed by the Brazilian bikini (15.8%), topless (14.4%) and halter necklines (13.6%).

Although triquinis are preferred by men, although there are...

Although triquinis are preferred by men, although there are women like Fanny Neguesha, girlfriend of Mario Mario Balotelli (left) who opt for the thong.

The list of female trends considered sexiest by male bathers is closed by the thong with 12.9% of the votes, nudism -12.3%-, the bandeau type -11.5%- and the classic swimsuit, which only get 3.4% of the vote.

What they like for them

  1. Trikini (16.1%)
  2. Brazilian bikini (15.8%)
  3. Topless (14.4%)
  4. Halter neckline (13.6%)
  5. Thong (12.9%)
  6. Nudism (12.3%)
  7. Bandeau neckline (11.5%)
  8. Swimsuit (3.4%)

What they like for them

  1. Briefs (25.8%)
  2. Boxers (18.2%)
  3. Nudism (15.5%)
  4. Short Bermuda shorts (13.9%)
  5. Long shorts (10.3%)
  6. Thongs (8.4%)
  7. Mankinis (5.3%)
  8. Penekini (2.6%)


August 15, 2022 — 365Briefs 365Briefs

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