It is not easy to establish what is The best underwear for sports . Obviously it will depend on the sports practice that is carried out but also on the physiognomy of the athlete and, of course, on their likes, phobias and hobbies.

long boxers

Virtually indistinguishable from short tights, these briefs are perfect for outdoor sports or under adverse weather conditions. You can use them even without pants on top, but also as insulating underwear or leg warmers. They fit the body like a second skin and their adaptation to the male anatomy is usually almost perfect. It is important to take into account that the seams of the boxers should be flat and as simple as possible to avoid chafing or discomfort, but, at the same time, they should be strong and very well sewn since the use of the briefs will be intense.

short boxers

The little brothers of long boxers are often worn under sports pants. Unlike knee-length boxers, short boxers do not adapt so well to any type of body . For example, men with very large or muscular legs may end up with boxer shorts "high" and rolled up in the groin. This creates great discomfort and can lead to chafing on the skin, especially if the fabric is sweaty. However, a very short and breathable boxer short can do the trick perfectly if we use it to train the upper body in the gym and we don't move our legs much.

sports briefs

A very specific type of underwear for sports that is perfect in almost any discipline are the so-called sports slips. Its main feature is the design of the front part in V. That is to say, these briefs are not designed with fabric on the sides but the front part is sewn directly to the elastic waist band, just over the lower abdominals. In this way you get a great freedom of movement and the restraint of the genitals is ensured at all times. With these slips it is impossible for the fabric to roll up over the thighs, thus avoiding possible chafing and discomfort.


Jockstraps or jockstraps are sports underpants quintessentially. Its original use was to serve as a support for a cup or protector of the genitals under the pants of American football, baseball or other sports with a risk of blows to the male attributes. Since this was its only function, the underpants are based on a front area where the shell is placed and the two rear straps that surround the buttocks. Currently, the jockstrap is one more type of underpants, with a great diversity of models and patterns. But at a sporting level it is still a piece of very interesting underwear Just like sports briefs, jockstraps do not have fabric on the sides so they cannot wrinkle and allow great freedom of movement in the legs. In addition, since there is no fabric on the back, the aeration of the area is improved, so perspiration will be less. Although you should keep in mind that the sweat will go directly from your butt to the pants. Finally, if the front part is micro-perforated and allows air to pass through, perfect.

male thongs

The use of thongs for sports It has as many supporters as detractors. For one, wearing a thong, forget about rolled up, rise up and sweaty underpants. The thong is a minimal piece and, by definition, favors the aeration of the entire area, reduces perspiration and offers absolute freedom of movement. But, on the other hand, the intergluteal strap can cause some discomfort if you are not used to wearing a thong, or if the exercise lasts for hours. For us, the great advantage of the thong is that, unlike the rest of the briefs that we have seen above, it can be perfectly worn under leggings or leg warmers. You don't notice that you're wearing it, it doesn't mark, it offers extra support for the attributes and the fabric of the thong and the leggings only match in the genital area. And one last recommendation: the thinner the intergluteal strap, the less you will notice its presence and you will feel more comfortable doing sports.

As we have seen, multiple solutions for each body and each sport. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with yourself. And that happens, necessarily, for forgetting to be wearing underwear while exercising. so if you need buy underwear for sports , remember these essentials:

  1. good genital support to prevent the attributes from dancing or moving too much.
  2. good elasticity so that the fabric expands or contracts according to your movements or postures.
  3. Ergonomic design that adapts to your anatomy, without squeezing or narrowing.
  4. Choose the model depending on the job What will you do? Running a race in tights is not the same as working only your upper body in the gym.
  5. That the fabric is microperforated it will facilitate aeration and prevent excess sweating.

And remember, after exercise, stretch and cool down.
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