A question like "should men wear thongs?" is asked more and more in recent years. But the truth is that the subject of men's underwear is very controversial. There are so many options for women, right? So why can't men try it too? Men wearing thongs is a subject often synonymous with homosexuality. To be honest, I don't understand this stigma. I don't agree with that either. As far as men's thongs go, they feel comfortable. So why are thongs so comfortable?

Top 5 Reasons Why Men Should Wear Thongs

The minimal version of underwear comes in the form of thongs. For both men and women! The construction consists of fabric that connects the waistband to the pocket at the back. Which means your butt is completely exposed. Those who have a fetish for underwear opt for thongs. Or if your outfit for the day consists of very skinny jeans, then you don't need to worry about visible lines of underwear. It's a better option than going to commando too, you know. The thing about thongs is that they are a very erotic alternative. But does that mean only for women? What about the men? Here are 5 reasons why men often ask the question, are men's thongs comfortable?

#1 They are practical

In terms of support, thongs may seem minimal, but they provide great support. Thongs offer all the support your trash there demands. And, most importantly, nothing else stands between your man parts and your clothes. The thongs have no underwear lines. This means that you can wear tight or lightweight pants. You get to avoid all that extra bulk often accompanied by regular underwear. So if that's possible, why not make the most of such a convenient alternative?

# 2 They look super sexy

It goes without saying that thongs appear as very seductive underwear. You have the wonderful opportunity to show off your cheeks. There is almost no fabric covering that area. So you can enjoy a bit of teasing and tempting your partner. At the same time, this lack of fabric means no more underwear lines will show through your skinny jeans or pants. Thongs are concealed undergarments. They create that perfect smooth seamless look around your butt region. Just like you haven't put on underwear in the form of briefs or boxers.

#3 They are comfortable

The reduced amount of fabric also welcomes more comfort and freedom underneath. And this feeling is what makes you come back to thongs. The cloth front cover is more than enough to keep the manhood securely fastened. And at ease throughout the day. Therefore, you can wear a thong to work without giving a second thought to factors like comfort and support. You have the perfect answer to the question, should men wear thongs?

#4 They increase confidence

If you are comfortable with the way you wear a thong as a man, then you will surely feel super sexy in your underwear. And when that's the case, there's nothing more exhilarating than that! Thongs are a great way to capture sex appeal. And they make sure that you stay at a higher level. That's the beauty of the women's lingerie industry. So why should only women have fun, right?

#5 They are sexually attractive

Without a doubt, thongs turn your partner on. Whether male or female! Underwear adds magic to every bedroom story. They are unquestionably erotic. The pleasure is not only for the user but also for the viewers. And since you love thongs, I'm sure you agree.

All men should wear thongs, regardless of their sexual orientation.

It goes without saying that thongs provide good coverage in the front and comfort throughout. The former, in particular, sounds appealing given the common misconception that thongs don't keep boys in place. And that thongs do not let your genitals breathe. None of this is true by the way. It is if you wear women's thongs! I mean, yeah, it's kind of weird and uncomfortable to wear thongs the first few times. I mean your manly bits are used to boxer shorts and boxer shorts. But that doesn't mean there's something wrong with underwear.

Let me also point out that when you allow your buttocks to breathe, your skin also benefits. Now you know why so many women love to wear thongs. And I can't think of any reason why some men feel the need to stigmatize underwear. It may take some time to get familiar with the fit and shape of thongs. However, once you do, the comfort, support, and practicality of underwear offer long-term benefits.

Speaking of stigmatizing thongs for men, they are classified as the least "macho" underwear. Many men don't buy thongs or talk about them because everything sounds "gay" to them. First of all, there's nothing wrong with any type of underwear being "gay", if that's even possible. And secondly, women have no problem with men getting in touch with their confident sexy side. In fact, most women like that.

Have you seen the movie “Magic Mike”? If not, then you should. The movie is proof that women love men in thongs. And you don't have to be a stripper to wear thongs. Although there is nothing wrong with being a stripper too. All I'm saying is that wearing thongs is a very common thing. Thongs can enhance your masculinity in the sense that they make you feel confident in unimaginable ways. Thongs are a way to express how proud you are of your body. Especially your manly parts down there!

So should men wear thongs? Well, they definitely should. And that too without worrying that the underwear cannot provide support and comfort.

If you've never tried on a pair of thongs, then it's common to ask these types of questions. But thongs are becoming more and more popular. Now that men are starting to feel more confident in their masculinity! And that's great news, isn't it? Thongs are incredibly comfortable. And the best thing is that down there they offer all the support your boys need. Today's modern designs are suitable for both business and casual wear. You can keep underwear on all day. In addition, they are also very successful in the bedroom.

To be honest, I don't like to use the phrase "beauty with a brain." In my opinion, it is very sexist to say anything about women. However, in the case of thongs, it doesn't sound offensive. Therefore, thongs are not only beauty, they also have a lot of brains. Obviously in the form of tons of comfort and support for your genitals.


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