A thong in the window of a lingerie store, discreet, as if they were hidden, a boy's thong next to boxers and briefs. On the other side of the window, the girl's lingerie, much more striking.

One Tuesday morning in August. It was so hot that it seemed that the sidewalks would melt at any moment. The city was almost empty, the people divided between the beach and the festivals of the towns. It looked like the scene of a post apocalyptic movie, any dystopia.

The garment caught my attention because normally I wore small and tight briefs. I thought there would be so much difference between that and what I was wearing at the time.

The store was small, the clothes were almost piled up it would be said. I went in expecting to find a girl behind the counter. Instead there was a boy about my age who was quite handsome. Not how a woman walking into the store looking for panties would react when she sees him. Even to me that thought seemed somewhat macho. When he greeted me I thought it was mannerism, but maybe it was just my wishful thinking.

He didn't let me out of his sight even though we were alone in the store. Maybe he thought he was going to rob him or maybe it was something else. Of course, I was not the epitome of elegance, with my flip-flops, very small shorts and an old tank top. From time to time I took a look at him and the truth is that I found him quite good, in his jeans and his tight T-shirt, thin and so blond. His pretty blue eyes followed my movements around the room.

I was looking at the shelf with the clothes that had caught my attention, the truth is that I was quite lost. I knew that those thongs and jockstraps existed in an intellectual way, having seen them in more or less pornographic movies, television or magazines. But until that moment I had not really realized it. And there they were before me in a great variety of colors and shapes. Tucked into bags with a cardboard on it was a photo of a muscular hunk wearing a garment like the one inside the container.

Noticing my confusion, the boy approached me:

- My name is Mario. How can I help you?. I see you a little confused.

I replied:

-I am Juan and I would love your help to know more about these garments. I haven't seen them except on TV.

I asked him about the lingerie that had caught my attention, more specifically thongs and jockstraps.

-I'm surprised that you've never tried something like this, you have a good body to show off. A beautiful body I would say.

He told me smiling:

- Aside from the obvious, the butt strap could annoy or excite you and depending on factors other than the fabric, they are surprisingly comfortable. You will see.

Curious I asked him:

- Do you wear them? do you use them?

Smiling he told me:

- I wear them regularly and now I'm wearing a thong.


-Well of course!.

He lowered his pants a little and pulled the waistband of the garment. Just a frankly narrow black gumdrop. I didn't know how something so thin could hold anything. Evidently only his tanned skin was visible underneath. It seemed to me that he was sunbathing naked.

-I like.

But I was thoughtful. It was already a shameless flirtation.

You have left me wanting to see more.

I smiled at him.

- Would you really like to see everything?

-Of course see how you feel. That would encourage me a lot to buy some and use them myself.

Wow, how demanding.

Although he didn't seem upset and he was also smiling mischievously.

-Let's make a deal, I'll show you how it looks on me and you try it on in front of me.

-that seems perfect to me.

I answered.

-But we need some privacy.

-Don't worry, right now I'm closing, after all I'm not waiting for anyone else. See the time.

As he passed by me I no longer waited, I took him by the waist and kissed him on the mouth. Nibbling her lips gently with mine. He responded without hesitation by opening his and giving me his tongue. Grabbing my ass as if it were already his.

I let him get to the door and I was waiting for him around the corner, taking me by the hand he led me to the changing rooms equipped with a thick and comfortable carpet. She didn't forget to grab a pair of thongs and another pair of jockstraps on the way, though. I think she purposely chose the smaller, sexier ones.

Mario is a born seller, in addition to selling them he wanted to see them on me. See my naked body with the minimum clothing, and I hoped that not only that. I wasn't going to do anything until I had shown off in front of him.

I got into the changing room but I didn't let him in, I told him:

-just look at me and tell me how it looks on me.

With the curtain open I slowly undressed, showing off my brown skin. Taking off my shirt and shorts. For a moment to provoke him more I left the tight boxer I was wearing that day and I saw how he licked his lips looking at me.

My cock at that point, already very hard, was perfectly marked in the lycra. Without further ado, I lowered it and took it off completely, leaving me naked. The smooth shaved tail jumping harder and harder. So it was difficult to put on one of those minimal thongs but that did not stop me from trying.

The one he had given me was black with just the right fabric and just a two-centimeter-wide rubber band around my waist. I slowly climbed up my thighs recreating myself. I opened my buttocks to place the back strap and then I tried to place my hard penis in the little fabric that should contain it.

- I love how it looks on you. It's beautiful and I'm not talking about the thong.

It was then that I called him with just a wave of my hand and as I had done he approached slowly pulling on his shirt. And uncovering his hairless chest, fair skinned, with small pink nipples that seemed very hard and bristly.

-so it will be difficult for me to enter. I told him lewdly.

- I think I can help you with that.

We kissed furiously and I caught his sinewy body in my arms. His tongue between my lips and my hands squeezing his firm ass. I lowered his pants to finally see the thong he was wearing, even smaller than the one I was wearing. Blue with sparkles was just a triangle of fabric attached with two black laces. And that of course he no longer concealed even half of a beautiful, fine, big-headed tail, with marked veins. And perfectly shaved.

- This also seems very harsh.

I immediately grabbed him and put my hand inside the thong looking for his balls, dangling the soft and shaved scrotum.

His first moan resounded in my neck next to my ear that he was licking at that moment. In his I dropped:

- I'm looking forward to taking it off, I mean the thong.

- Surely you want more than this rag. Because of how you hold it.

He tugged on mine, letting it slide down my thighs and grabbing my cock as well, stroking it gently.

He began to lick and kiss my skin, my nipples, my armpits, my chest, my navel. When she put my cock in her mouth, the one who let out a guttural moan was me. He gave long licks to my trunk, from bottom to top slowly passing his tongue over my skin until he put the glans in his mouth. Also the eggs sucking them like candy or making me lift a thigh and rest my foot on a stool to go through the perineum between my legs going to my ass.

- This is very tasty.

- Rich what you are doing to me.

As soon as I noticed his strong hands opening my buttocks I knew what was coming, his tongue digging into my anus caressing me as far inside as he could.

I spread my legs as far as I could so I could lick him comfortably and I leaned over. He had me very horny, very horny and while he kept poking my ass with his tongue, he hadn't let go of my cock or my balls with his hand. He was rubbing me and giving me saliva and he had sat on the floor with his very hard penis pointing to the ceiling.

-You leave me?

- As you stop now you fuck me.

- That's what I intend, after you screw me.

I leaned over and reached for him with my hand and also threw my saliva on his glans, letting it fall from my mouth. So all I had to do was bend my knees and bury myself in his stupendous cock, slowly dilating my super-excited anus with his tail.

He held me by the buttocks, not letting me fall too fast and hurt ourselves. I swallowed him inch by inch until my ass rested on his thighs and my balls brushed against his.

A moan of pleasure escaped me and I began to move up and down slowly at first feeling the full length of his rock hard cock inside me. He helped me by holding my buttocks while he licked and nibbled on the back of my neck. I rested my hands on his knees.

I picked up the pace once my anus managed to assimilate its size. And so I didn't stop feeling pleasure until he cummed in me. I felt all the hot whiplashes in my ass and he lifted me up only to get closer to his face and lick my ass again overflowing with his own semen.

It was at that moment that I came on her chest and belly. The semen drops fell from my glans to his feverish body. He didn't care much, he just picked it up with his fingers and brought it to his mouth. So I could turn and share it from his mouth in a new kiss.

-I already have a favorite store where I buy underwear. As long as the attention is as personalized as the current one.

- Didn't you say you wanted to fuck me?

-We have time?.

- Depends on how quickly you get hard again.

- With you?. I do not think it will take long.

Of course he said it without him stopping stroking my cock and rubbing my balls. With his kisses and his tongue licking my skin, of course, my cock was getting firm again. Within minutes I was aiming at the ceiling and Mario was spitting on my glans to lubricate it. As if he was in a hurry, wanting to have me in his anus.

Shaking that little ass that had me crazy, she got up showing off for me. A crazy thing occurred to me.

- Put your thong back on.

He put his own, the one with the thinnest blades. And he slowly crouched lewdly and sinuous until he was on all fours on the carpet. I know we left semen stains on her before we finished.

Now I spit into the crack of her ass and spread it with my fingers. I started to put one of them in his anus to dilate it, at the same time that he began to moan.

- Now it's my turn.

I rested my glans in the not-so-narrow little hole and began to push. It didn't take long for her to get in, nor for me to start moving as I held onto her narrow waist. To see how her asshole was opened to the push of my cock and to feel how he squeezed it. He was seeing the stars and the entire Milky Way and I think Mario was feeling the same way judging by how he was moaning.

- Grab my tail, he told me.

And I leaned over his back, kissing his shoulder and licking his skin, as well as putting my hand under his hip to jerk him off slowly. That's where we left the cum stain on the carpet. He came even before I did and it didn't take me long to fill his anus with my cum. Moaning and hissing both like animals in heat.

We collapsed on the ground, Mario under me and I still kissing his shoulder, neck and nape with all the desire he inspired me.

He had to reopen the store and we both had run out of food. But seeing that I wouldn't have many customers that afternoon, I went to a nearby bar with my new thong on for two sandwiches that we ate behind the counter.

It was clear where I was going to buy my underwear from then on. And to share with him many times like that.

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