I'm Alexa, I'm a 23-year-old girl, almost 24, light brown, long black hair, small but delicious breasts, they love to kiss and bite them, long legs, I'm 1.75m tall, and my ass is fabulous, I love it myself, I take good care of it and geez i hate squats but it's a way to keep it hard.

This was a few yesterdays ago, one of the first times I went out with my ex-teacher grrrr I was a stupid and stupidly hot young man at 18 years old, so enjoy it the way I enjoyed it.

That afternoon we went together to buy very sexy underwear as my spoiled teacher promised me. We went to Perisur after leaving the University, hiding as always, but once we gained confidence, we already forgot that we were a sexy teacher-hot student. It was a cute, flirtatious and quite expensive store, they had the best and also this little ass deserved it all and I'm sure, with how pretty I looked, I was dreaming.

We looked on the shelves, sideboards, there was a lot of variety. She let me choose a very flirtatious bra and thong set. He immediately caught his attention for a white one, with lace and very transparent that I also liked.

We went to the fitting rooms to make sure it was my size, there were quite a few people but there was one free fitting room. He wanted to mess with me in that micro changing room, I tried to do it but I told him "hey wait, I'd better let you know when I have it on, ok", somewhat disappointed, he stayed outside, I know he would have liked to be inside, help me undress and of course touch my recently shaved pubis the way he likes it, my perfumed skin, squeezing my tits the way he loves it and seeing how I was about to try on that pretty lingerie.

While I was waiting, I took the opportunity to look for more clothes to cover my beautiful tits and my tight little ass. As soon as I saw that red outfit I loved it, red underwear has always made me very horny, I know it would be very exciting on me. I would look like a cute little whore and I'm sure his cock would react immediately when he saw me like this, so red, so hot, such a slut. That outfit consisted of a tiny red thong as he knows, a pffff half-cup bra that barely covered my tits below and some smooth stockings that made my legs look very sexy, I knew that he was already imagining how I would stay on and I know which was already extremely erect.

He picked out a black outfit for me too, and I know it made him imagine me dressed in it, sexy and provocative and ready for him, I know he pictured me with just a coat on top and all his little gifts, so I walk home in the car, getting in to his apartment, with his coat half open in case someone saw us, they knew what was happening in that apartment.

So I peeked out and there he was standing, desperate for me to go out to show him what we would buy at home but better call him since the manager was not there, he entered stealthily so that no one would see him and of course he entered with more clothes, because I was there there with shame and shame of letting myself be seen like that in a store, I say yes I am an exhibitionist but that was too much, also before it was not so much, but a little part of me that little part between my legs said the opposite and more because I was showing him how well that I had his gifts left, I knew that he would love to see me with so few clothes, too small and above all almost transparent.

Damn his face when he saw me!!! Completely bewildered, I looked very pretty, a sexual goddess hahahaha, while I looked directly at myself and in the mirror where my reflection was seen, you could see my little ass and that thong well tucked into my buttocks, in that mirror you could see that space between my legs that It drives him crazy - he whispers in my ear "at this moment I want you more than ever" - while he tells me I couldn't help but touch his erection on his pants, that dick that already demanded to come out of his pants!!! While I kept caressing him, I turned around and felt his gaze go up and down me and focus on my ass, I was beginning to want it at that moment!!!

"I have to give it to you!!!" -he said in my ear "at least the thong!!!- and it's that I had already wet it a little bit. I smiled and my look was already pure excitement and I couldn't deny it "buy me what you want, I'll use it and model it for you in the moment you want, the place you want and with whomever you want", I was already extremely excited and that guy could order me whatever he wanted and I would obey (it still drives me crazy), he almost had the corner of his pants out and the The excitement in the thong was more than obvious, I was already soaked and the thong was almost transparent pffff.

He showed me the other clothes that he had chosen for me, he stretched out his hand with the red outfit while he asked me if he would let me try it on, I really wanted to feel his hands and above all I knew that he would not settle for just putting it on, I hesitated a bit but he told me He convinced me with kisses, I let myself be carried in his hands, I took off my bra, leaving me with my tits in the air and he really went straight to my nipples and began to kiss and touch them so deliciously, he put them between his lips I felt his tongue and of course my first moan I could not hide.

His hands began to go down and landed on my hip, I held the thong and began to lower it, leaving me completely naked only in heels as he liked, there I was standing in front of him with my shaved pubis and my heat on the surface of my skin excited with a mirror in front of her and a curtain with many people on the other side. I finished lowering my thong and there he was on his knees in front of me, to my sex, to my pubis, he looked at me with that look that drives me crazy, he brought his mouth closer to my slit and his tongue sank between my soaked lips, it tasted like me and my flows wanted to intoxicate him with pleasure.

I told him “please stop!!! At home you do whatever you want to me, I allow you everything, but please stop." I was already too much of a customer and I'm not very good at drowning out moans “stop it!!! I'll be whatever you want, I'll be your servant, your whore, the most whore, but stop!!!”. He got up and helped me put on the red bra, he couldn't contain himself and he kissed me again, his mouth tasted like my panochita mmm.

He bent down again to raise my thong, I had to raise my leg and in that movement I let him see all my shiny and semi-open slit that was excited, he restrained himself so as not to put his tongue in me again, when he raised it he put it well between my buttocks that tiny and cute thong as I like them, he looked at me from below and damn I know he liked everything he saw in me, we took the stockings and continued playing, now he carefully put them on my kilometric legs raising them leaving them well stretched.

With both of us standing, I asked him how he saw me, he couldn't help but open his pants and let out his already purple, veiny, extremely wet dick pointing directly at me "do you think I like what I see", he told me while I took it with my hand feeling his erection to everything that comes into my hands if I understand his desire to penetrate whatever right there.

"Ale, I can't take it anymore, I want to put it in now!!! I promise not to make noise”, hate nibbled at me and I could only smile “you always get away with it, bastard because you know that I belong to you, unhappy”, I told him as he turned me around and made his penis feel on my hip, on my pubis, on my buttocks, so I was left with my tail in the air, turning my back to him and I saw him in the mirror behind me, as he turned the thong to the side and I saw how he was preparing to give me the first attack, I got off my heels and he opened my legs a little and so My tail was at his height and by that time my pussy my vulva was crying out for it.

I felt how I held his dick with his hand and I passed it all over the slit that with my juices wet my whole tail, that thong was already more than wet and I finished going through it, I felt how he placed that thick head at the entrance of my pussy tight, I was already moving with nerves and I was crying out for it, that first thrust gave her so much pleasure and pleasure that she couldn't hide that first moan, and in each thrust she made her way to that extremely excited cock.

I was so wet that by the third thrust I had already inserted it to the bottom, it had already nailed me all its stake, I would have liked to play more but it was not the right place to do it the way I like it, so I held onto the Ass, he kept fucking me at a good pace wanting to increase the intensity, I felt like his balls were bouncing off my buttocks, we were so excited by the morbidity of being caught that in less than 3 minutes I felt like your phallus was inside me He was getting harder and harder, I knew he would come and he would come inside me, I decided to beat him and he knew it because I was digging my nails into his leg pushing him towards me while I was trembling, I felt how he was getting harder and harder and her face let me see when she started to leave all the milk inside me -ahhhhgggg- she left all the milk to the bottom of my tail, each spasm felt like she was leaving more and more milk inside me.

He stayed glued to me since he knows I don't like it so I took it out quickly, but until he loses his erection and my panochita takes it out, he can move, I turned towards him and I saw his little eyes of pleasure that he was pleased while I I embarrassed nothing more, after a long kiss full of complicity, we remained silent, I took her phallus and placed it inside her jeans, all her milk that dripped from me stayed in the thong which when I wanted to take it off to pay for it, but it was too wet, of course we would not deliver it like this!!! Unless they confirmed that they just fucked me is their dressing rooms.

So we ripped off the security device (nothing that I couldn't fix with a needle and thread later) we would risk not being noticed, I tucked my thong into her pants in case they searched my bag, I hurried to get dressed and when we were able to leave from the dressing room without being seen according to us because there were prying eyes, we walked directly to the cash register I was blushing hahaha while I was putting all the underwear that I had worn, the one that I was able to try and the one that did not get wet hehehe he kissed me from behind and with His hand held onto his waist, making him feel semi-erect behind me "how can he be like this so fast while I felt all his milk draining from me yet", we didn't even know how much he just signed, I just smiled while he took me by the ass or hugged me as if marking territory, my look gave me away my stupid "I'm satisfied and stuffed" smile wouldn't let me lie and my well glazed donut wouldn't let me lie that they were fucking me in the most s rich and that I "decided" to continue like this...

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