A couple of weeks ago I went shopping in the center of the city, I was looking for lingerie, to see if my husband ate something different from what was on the table. I went to a central lingerie store, because of the luxury and glamour, between, and when they attended me I asked the clerk for something nice, size 85 chest and size S panties. He began to take out things and things, more sets, bodysuits, bras, in the end I told him the end of the purchase and he gave me a lot of things for the fitting room, so I got everything I could get, they wanted to sell.

When I entered there was a kid sitting in the fitting room area, I suppose, waiting for the girlfriend or the mother, the fact is that he didn't even see me go by. I didn't even know what I was looking for, something nice and that, the fact is that I started to try on outfits, there would be at least 15, and I was there, panty up, panty down, in short, the typical stuff. One of the times when I was turning around in front of the mirror, I accidentally moved the curtain with my ass, one of those so uncomfortable and modern, and I saw that the kid, in his early twenties, looked at me, I guess to see what he caught.

The fact is that I drew the curtain to close it and I followed my own. In one of many tests I took one of the outfits chosen by the saleswoman, I undressed completely to continue and put on my bra, when I noticed that it had two holes that let my nipples peek out, I was amused, the outfit was black, very cute and curious

When I bent down to put on my thong I moved the curtain again, at least I think so because I didn't realize it, I did mine, I bent down and put on the thong and turned around, I noticed something strange and I didn't know what it was, I I placed it from behind looking in the mirror, although there was really little, a band-aid that entered through the bottom and another through the waist, yes, silk and super soft.

I continued with the strange sensation, the exposed nipples and the strange thong until I turned around and looked at myself in the mirror, that feeling was that this outfit was for something more than trying it, it was to enjoy it, my pussy was exposed, I started to reposition it, it pulled on one side and the lips came out on the other, it pulled to the other side and the same, until I realized that it had an opening to let the lips out, in front of the mirror, a black silk outfit, the Pointy nipples sticking out of the bra and her pussy exposed. Luckily always, at least whenever I can, I shave it completely, more hygienic and of course, better for everything, I like to see it like when I was young, hobbies.

The issue is that with the foolishness of moving my thong to one side and the other and seeing myself looking cannon in front of the mirror, my pussy sticking out and tucked up, marking as much as possible the shape that it allowed to peek out, the nipples like pythons, come on, what I got horny but well, I've never seen myself like this.

While I was there, I put on the heels I was wearing and I tied my hair up as much as I could with a ponytail, each time hornier and more humid, I think my pussy was even throbbing between the strips of the thong and the hottie I was wearing and the I had to get there, I started touching my breasts, pulling my nipples wetting them with saliva, touching my pussy on the outside, with three little fingers, it was coming out, and I was alone in front of the mirror, with those lights, that environment, every time more horny, wanting to take a good cock to eat it up to the balls and then fuck me.

I was radiant, even my eyes shone differently and I began to masturbate, one leg on the stool, digging the heel in with all my desire, one hand touching, brushing, pulling the nipples and the other, two fingers inside the pussy and rubbing my thumb on the clitoris, I was super horny and I couldn't stop anymore, I thought that this moment was the moment, I took out my phone and put it to record on video to be able to remember that heat, just in case, I wanted to cum and I didn't want to, I wanted a cock in my ass penetrating me and I didn't want to, I couldn't stop and the video recording that made me hornier if possible.

In one of those head thrusts I saw the kid outside absorbed, looking at me, with the face of having seen something similar but only in movies, with his dick marked in his skinny pants and I, taking advantage of the fact that he didn't notice when I came in, decided let him continue looking, to remember how things are done well, dedicating that moment to him, to remember that a woman was capable of doing that and more, all for not looking at me when I entered, taking revenge on him.

In the end I came like crazy, I think I wet the mini-thong, the bra and even the floor with my drool that came out of my mouth and the ones that came out of my pussy, quite an odyssey. I pulled the curtain and between hot flashes I was able to get dressed, yes, I left the outfit on, they would charge me with the labels, I didn't want to take it off or try on more things, the afternoon had been complete.

The kid imagined that he was spliced ​​or ran and I with the outfit on, touching my jeans and shirt in all the exposed places. I went in to warm my husband up and I and the poor boy came out horny, yes, from time to time I put on the video for myself, I get horny and replace my husband's cock with a dildo and lubricant, and on top of that with my clothes inside set. I think my husband hasn't seen it yet.

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