I have always been attracted to wearing girl's underwear. However, I had never even considered trying. It was like a well hidden desire in me. Until one day a friend encouraged me... I'll tell you what happened.

One day I was on Messenger talking to a friend, let's call her Maria. The tone of the conversation heated up until I said that I would like to steal a girl's thong. Then Maria responded with laughter. After a few seconds of enormous tension, where I thought she was going to send me to hell, she told me that it's normal to want to poke around with these things and that she herself would help me.

One day I met Maria to do Christmas shopping. A few months had passed since the hot conversation on Messenger and I thought that he would no longer remember. The truth is that I wanted it that way, because I was very embarrassed to confess my sexual desires and fantasies. It was divine feminine underwear, which makes the woman look very sexy. We stopped at an intimate clothing store. There we stop. I tried on some boxers at the same time that Maria was interested in some strings and panties. We did the shopping and when we left he told me: “you can choose something from what I bought for you.” He perfectly remembered the messenger conversation and had decided to give me something. She did it like that discreetly as if it were for her, so no one would think badly of me.

I froze. Was he really giving it to me? It was fantastic, although I immediately thought that there was trick in all that. Would he think he was gay? I have always liked women. This trying on underwear has nothing to do with my sexuality, it's just a fantasy. What's more, what gave me the most morbidity is feeling like a woman, having the sensations they had for once. I wanted to experiment as a woman, but because they turned me on too much. Although… I followed the roll.

Later we were alone in his room. So she pulls out a bunch of her thongs for me and asks me: “Which one do you like best?”, to which I tell her to choose for me. He tells me “beige will look great on you, try it on.” I go to the bathroom and change. Of course, I must confess that my dick was very erect. I was excited to dress as a woman, it was my fantasy, but even more that a girl was my accomplice. I put on the thong, on top of the boxes, the pants and went out.

Outside was Maria who looked me up and down. But his look was strange, like disapproval. Didn't you like him doing it? "What do you do with the boxes?" told me. "I eat?" I answered surprised. "If you are going to dress as a woman, better do it only with women's clothes." That was what he demanded of me and he didn't give me time to justify myself. I went back inside and thought, this one wants war. I took and took off my pants and boxers. I also took off my shirt and I was left only with the thread covering my ass.

Once he saw me again, I think he ran with delight. But he tried to hide it. “How sexy you are dressed as a woman. Now try on a dress…” but before I let her finish the sentence I grabbed her from behind and started kissing her neck. Maria was puzzled for a moment, trying to digest that he wasn't gay. Immediately her body succumbed to excitement and she let herself go. She took the role of the submissive, and I the dominant. We made passionate love, pressing skin to skin and moaning loud sighs.

But when I wanted to realize it, she was on top of me, spanking me and calling me María. He told me that as a boy he didn't like me at all, but as a woman… as a woman he did. And she wasn't a lesbian, but she was curious, just like I was, about women's clothing. He had been surprised that he wasn't gay, but the moment I kissed him on the body changed everything. She wanted to possess me. Maybe that's why he demanded me: it was also his fantasy.

Even after having sex my penis was still erect. It was difficult to contain the bulge just with the string of the thong. She noticed and began to circle around me. I was like possessed. He told me “I only want you with panties. You will not enter this house again as a man.” I froze again, but soon realized that I had to play along if I wanted to fuck her again.

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