For work reasons, during a period of 3 months I had to be traveling within the Republic and I had the idea of ​​buying some women's clothing to take advantage of my solitude in the hotel rooms in the cities I arrived at. I bought a black string thong, a red cheeky and a salmon-colored bra, plus a black nightgown with baby doll-like transparencies, I put all these clothes in a cloth bag and hid it in the bookshelf of my study, so that every time I went to travel I would put my bag in the suitcase and accompany me on the trip.

The daily routine was to go to work in the morning and afternoon with meetings of both colleagues and clients, once I arrived at the hotel I immediately took off my underwear and put on some of my clothes, put my pants back on and went down like that. to dinner at the restaurant.

I remember that one time, after having dinner in the restaurant, I heard that there was live music in the bar, there was a troubadour with a guitar, so I decided to stay for a drink. The atmosphere was very romantic, couples at each table and I alone, that day, I had put on my black string thong and I didn't realize that by being with my elbows on the table and leaning forward, I could see the mini spring of the thong, I realized because the waiter who was serving me was very nice and attentive and one of the times that I took a drink of whiskey, I put it behind my shoulder and said, what a beautiful thong you are wearing my love... wow. I got nervous and red with embarrassment, when he saw me he told me don't worry sweetie, this remains between us, I could only answer him with a smile, thank you.

The drinks continued, I adjusted my pants so that my garment was no longer visible, with the next drink, the waiter gave me a napkin with a message: I'm Carlos and I leave at 11:00, do you want to do something? I got excited and taking my pen I replied, nice to meet you, I'm Carla, room 206.

It was 10:30 so I decided to ask for my account and once I paid and left my 30% tip for my waiter, I ran to my room. I went into the bathroom immediately, opened the shower, inserted my finger to clean my little hole, went out immediately, put my thong back on, but not before perfumed my little hole, as well as my navel, put on my robe and I lay on the bed waiting for Carlos to come. He was a boy about 20 years old, white skin, good-looking, you could tell he went to the gym, he had strong arms and big hands, his green eyes were beautiful.

I was already falling asleep when at 11:15 I hear a knock on the door, when I go to open it I see through the security peephole and I realize that it is Carlos, I open the door for him and he enters immediately, there were no words, I close the door door behind him, he took me by the waist and began to kiss me madly, his tongue went in search of mine, while I approached him and felt his package in my belly.

His hands descended from my waist and went down to my buttocks, he rubbed them, squeezed them and kept kissing me, suddenly he took me by the bottom of my tail and went up to him, I hugged him with my legs and he began to kiss my neck and my ears, he whispered to me, I liked you ever since I saw you in the bar Carlita, look how you have me, I love you pretty, how delicious you smell, I'm going to make you mine... I just moaned with pleasure when I felt his tongue on my neck, I put it in my ears, I shuddered. With my hands I was unbuttoning his shirt until he fell to the ground, he only kept his pants.

Little by little she began to walk carrying her loaded to bed, once she arrived, she deposited me slowly so as not to hit and fall on me, she lay down next to me, kissed me, rubbed her package, I felt it vibrate in my belly, then now I began to kiss his neck, his ears and began to go down his hairy chest, I kissed his nipples, he only caressed my back and my hair, I reached his navel, I put my tongue in him, it tasted salty, while with my With my hands I was opening his pants to take them off, with my hands I was lowering his pants, until he took them off completely, his cock wanted to get out of the confinement of his pants, I took it out and wow!! It was pretty, pink head about 18cm and 5cm in diameter, I kissed the tip, I passed my tongue all over that pretty package and without further ado I put it in my mouth, I started to give him a blow job, slowly at first and I went Raising the rhythm little by little, I only heard him say, ahhh how delicious, how well you suck my Reyna, ahhh keep it up, ummm how delicious.

Suddenly he asked me to change my position to do a 69, I got on the bed turning around and took his member again taking it to my mouth, for his part he put aside the string of my thong and began to kiss my little hole, ummm I just moaned, ohhh how delicious, they had never done it to me, suddenly his tongue tried to drill my little hole and it made my legs shake and moan louder, oh my love how delicious, ufff keep it up, how delicious I feel ... at one point it was no longer just his tongue, he inserted a finger into me and I jumped, oh, oh, slowly please... yes, my love, he told me, calm down, you'll get used to it, I kept sucking his penis and he was already inserting and He took out his finger and one more that he wanted to put in, when he did, oh, how delicious my love... and with two fingers he began to dilate my little ass, I forced his cock into my mouth and caressed his balls. When it was already dilated, he asked me to change position, he sat on the head of the bed and asked me to get on it, I obediently opened my legs and sat on his standing cock, it went up and down and he rubbed it on my all my slit while his naughty hand inserted two fingers into my little hole, ufghh what a cutie my love, please insert it now I'm looking forward to it...

She pushed the string of the thong aside, rested her head on my little hole and was plucking several times, ready? You tell me... yes, my love, give me all of it... she put her hand in my mouth so that I could salivate it and I took it to my anus and her head, suddenly she began to enter, ahhhh, wait, wait, slowly please... yes my love, calm down, I put my head in and it was halfway in, there we stayed still until I let myself sit down so that it could all come in, ohhh, ohh heavens, yummy, again we stayed still, I looked for her mouth and we we ate it greedily, while I got used to the intruder in my gut. When I felt ready, I began to go up and down little by little and suddenly more quickly at a galloping pace, he began to hit my buttock, ayyy abrupt! But give me more, and he gave me another and another while I continued riding him, yes my love, give me more, he left my buttock all red and with his marked hand, we continue until he tells me I'm ready... where do you want the milk? I want it all inside my love, come inside me, yes, yes, give it to me, give it to me all... and I hear him coming ohhhhh, with my rectum I began to press his penis and I felt his hot semen entering me, ahhhh yes my love, what a delight …while I also began to squirt without even touching myself and filling her belly and chest with my milk.

I felt exhausted and sore but happy, I kissed him, ruffled his hair, rubbed his hair, until I dropped next to him and he also turned around to lie down, I caressed my hair, do you like my love? Yes Carlos I loved it!! Thank you so much. Are you staying tonight? No my love I can't, it's more I have to go, I can't let them see me in the public areas of the hotel because they can fire me. So we kissed sweetly and thanked each other.

He gave me his phone number and I gave him mine, we agreed to meet again on a new trip to his city, he changed and we said goodbye at the door of the room with a big kiss...

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